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simplyalluring's Journal

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All Members , Moderated

[1] If You Can't Read Stay The Fuck Out
[2] No discriminating against any race, religion, sex, or sexual orientation.
[3] Everything must be behind an LJ-Cut.
[4] No Nudity. Showing a little bit of skin, but don't take it to far.
[5] Do not vote unless you are stamped. If you're not sure whether or not you're stamped, then you're probably not

[1] Use the application...it's there for a reason.
[2] You must submit 4 clear pictures of yourself. One must be a salute to SimplyAlluring. If you do not have a salute do not apply. You will be rejected.
[3] Do not start shit with the members. If you do, you will be banned.
[4] In the subject line, state that you're new.
1] Name:
2] Age:
3] Location:
4] What Makes You Alluring:
5] Name A Random Fact About Yourself:
6] Pictures ( One must Be A Salute Saying "Your UserName @ SimplyALLURING" )

[1] PARTICIPATE in themed weeks!
[2] Vote...it's not that hard.
[3] Put yes/no in subject line.
[4] Be a picture whore!!
[5] Inactivity checks will be held at random without warning.

[1] You may only apply 2 times. After that you will be banned if not accepted.
[2] Once applying for the second time, you must challenge an already accepted member. You may not challenge a mod.
[3] If you are kicked out, you may challenge back it just like a rejected applicant.
[4] Members of the week and the member's who promote the most may kick out someone if they wish too. Only one person a week though.

The 2 members that participate and promote the most that week will be claimed Members of the Week. They can kick out any one person they would like to, if the choose to do so. You may be member of the week more than once, but never in a row.

Challenges are for any rejected or kicked out member. They may challenge any active member, excluding the mods. The following are the rules:
[1] You may not challenge a mod.
[2] You may not challenge a member of the week.
[3] You must still include a salute in your application.
[4] Please follow regular applicant rules.